Kevin and Pennys Wedding - 12th Aug 2005

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The groom and the best man - Kevin and Ray

Kevin and Ray outside the Manor House

Side shot of Kevin and Ray

Kevin and Ray behind the TVR

Kevin sorting his tie out

Who's sitting where?

A box full of pin-holes!

Still trying to sort that tie out...

Aaahhh...the Bride - doesn't she look lovely....

Penny taking a seat before the event

Another pose on the settee (the groom's a lucky man!)

Father of the bride (Ken)

Mother of the bride (Margaret)

The bride and the flower girls

Penny in the mirror

Father of the groom (Ron) and Sue

Me with Dad and Sue in the Manor House entrance

Oh Mum - what are you like?! Come here and let me do it...

Mum (Rosemary), Harry and me in front entrance

Me and my mum

You can see where I get my cheshire-cat grin from now

Invite on the table

Sister Jackie with mum

Registrar giving best man and groom instructions - listen carefully!

Best man with wife Polly

The sisters! (Sue in brown, Jill in white)

Father and bride coming down the stairs


All done - time for a photo-shoot...

...but not before a very welcome glass of bubbly.

A view from the Gods

Me and my best mate Jez

Sister Jackie

Let the posing begin...

Family of the bride

Family and relations of the bride

Family and relations of the groom

Friends of the newly weds

It's raining confetti

The Happy Couple!!!

Lots of happy people (aaahhh - ain't it nice!)

Taking a bow

A quiet moment by the steps

A memorable moment

Taking in the view

Taking a seat

Walking down to the lake... the lake

Big hug!

Still by the lake!

Sister and Chris (reckon they've had a few!)

Table scene

Ready for the wedding breakfast

Me, the wife and the mistress

Yep - there's definitely three in this marriage

That's all...hope you enjoyed them! (Kevin and Penny)

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